We a group of specialists from the company "Avantgarde", which you can find in Krakow, Poland. We deal with the production and assembly of stretch ceilings. We use only the highest quality materials from leading European manufacturers.


Offered stretch ceilings are original product and have all certificates and certificates (eg non-flammable certificate) allowing for use both in private apartments, single-family houses and in public premises. They are manufactured according to the highest European and international standards.


Each stretch ceiling is made for a specific order, so each ceiling is characterized by its unique shape, size and color. It is a long-lasting solution that does not require additional investment over a long period of use, as it does not lose its value.


Thanks to the extremely modern and functional interior design, our stretch ceilings gain more and more recognition of our clients.



Manufacturer of stretch ceilings


We create extraordinary stretch ceilings. As a manufacturer, we offer a wide range of options, ensuring that the individual elements are tailored to the individual preferences and needs of customers.


We prepare constructions kept in any color. The abundance of materials allows for a different visual effect - satin, metallic, matte, gloss. We also make stretch ceilings in a version with a photo print. The price depends on the material chosen and the nature of its finish.


As a producer, we also provide a comprehensive assembly service. We provide professional knowledge and provide professional advice. We guarantee fast execution of the order and an attractive price.



Advantages of stretch ceilings Design The use of stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are a modern type of suspended ceilings that simultaneously fulfill many functions:

  • They are used as a decorative element;
  • Optically expand the space;
  • They can lower too high rooms; They cover the cracks and defects of the existing ceiling as well as installations under the ceiling;
  • Insulate interiors against flooding and noise and protect against heat loss;
  • Stretch ceilings give the opportunity to achieve the above effects much easier than traditional suspended ceilings.


Have at least a 12-year warranty!

We offer our clients modern ceilings. We help you choose the right color, texture and discuss all the necessary details to make your wishes come true.


Due to their aesthetic and practical properties, modern stretch ceilings are a great product that solves technical problems and at the same time offers unique design and functionality (thanks to a wide range of materials). They work very well in combination with various lighting (eg LEDs, halogens, etc.), mounted directly in the stretch ceiling, as well as under or over it.


Stretch ceilings can have any geometry (eg square, rectangle, oval, circular, arched, etc.) and a very wide range of colors, occurring in several types of surfaces (eg matte, satin, metallic and perlmutter). They enable a quick variation of the interior and increase the comfort of use. No need for continuous painting and renewing and high durability are the features that every user will appreciate.


Selected patterns of the solutions we offer can be seen in " Photo gallery ".

The modern stretch ceiling has a wide range of applications. It is used both in private homes and apartments, as well as in public facilities and institutions, hotels, sports facilities, and wellness centers, and wherever the effective appearance of rooms is of great importance. Quick installation, low price and excellent results make stretch ceilings eagerly used to mask older, uneven, dirty surfaces.


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Stretch ceiling and suspended ceiling made of GK


Compared to suspended ceilings made of drywall, which should be refreshed /painted every 2-3 years - stretch ceilings do not require painting. Traditional suspended ceilings usually break in places of joining, they are not resistant to moisture, water, flooding and fungus, they are not washable, while stretch ceilings have all the above-mentioned features.


The price of installing a stretch ceiling is comparable to the execution of a suspended ceiling made of cardboard-gypsum boards, where prices range between PLN 95-110 /m2.


Stretch ceilings have a 12-year warranty!


Shorter assembly time compared to other ceilings (just a few hours).


It is possible to create a whole range of colors, invoices and non-standard designs.



Price list for stretch ceilings